Article in the journal "DRESS CODE"

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Author: DC

Date: 24 April, 2013


Article in the journal "DRESS CODE"

"Elena Bronskaya - is not just a designer, but a real yachtswoman. Seriously fascinated by yachting, she came to work in the sail loft, where she began to sew bags made of old sails, had already seen the sea gave:

Salted slashed by wind sails under which walked through the Baltic Sea, the Coral and Aegean Seas started to turn into fashion handbags and purses. The materials from which sewed the sails, accessories and now - it is almost eternal superstrong Dacron, carbon fiber and Kevlar.

Comfortable spacious duffle bag from a tissue and survive adventures at sea and in the city. The project was born spontaneously and now Elena is working in her own studio in the yacht port "Hercules", the new marina of St. Petersburg. This sheltered from all winds location with convenient approaches, a sauna and a restaurant on the road weary sailors can recuperate, a new yacht collection is created.»

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